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We are currently experiencing very high demand and are also affected by COVID related staff shortages. Unfortunately, we are unable to take on any more new work at this time.
We are maintaining a list of customers who would like to be contacted when our capacity to take in more work returns. Please email your name and phone number to to be added to the call back list.
We thank you for your patience during this challenging time.


Rugs aint rugs!

Rugs are possibly the oldest form of transportable home furnishing. Since the pelt of an animal hunted for food was used to soften the floor of a cave, many cultures, in many parts of the world over thousands of years have used a wide variety of vegetable, animal and more recently, man-made fibres to produce rugs for the decoration and comfort they provide.

There are so many different construction methods, dyes, fibres and qualities circulating, that there can be no single approach to cleaning and maintaining rugs. In fact, the correct cleaning method for one may permanently damage another. Successful cleaning of rugs is therefore part art, part science, experience and keen attention to the unique properties of each piece.

At Perth Rug Wash we know rugs and how to care for them. Each rug needs cleaning methods specific to the material, otherwise irreparable damage an occur. Whether they be valuable tribal heirlooms passed down through the generations, room size contemporary wool and silk Tibetan rugs or incredibly fine Persian masterpieces, we have all the expertise and processes in house to rejuvenate, repair and conserve your precious rugs.

For the best rug cleaning service in Perth, the team at Perth Rug Wash look forward to meeting helping you soon!


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Rugs are great at hiding dirt.
By the time they look soiled they are well overdue for a wash.
Use these tips to work out how often to clean your rugs...

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