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Spot and Stain Removal

Marks that remain after thorough washing can require expert treatment to improve without damaging the colours and fibres of the rug. Our trained technicians can improve or remove many difficult to budge spots. find out more

Urine decontamination

Our urine decontamination treatment guarantees complete sanitization and decontamination of odour causing urine, faeces and other organic deposits. find out more

Grey water and flood remediation

Perth rug wash can treat the effects of extended submersion that include mould and mildew, rot, cellulosic browning and heavy soiling. find out more

Moth, silverfish, carpet beetle, insect repellent

Our wash in repellent is odourless, non-toxic and effective in repelling pests that can damage rugs that are prone to damage while under furniture, hung on walls or in storage. find out more


Perth Rug Wash Offers High-End Rug Cleaning Services near Mosman Park

External extraction is a deep rug cleaning method utilised by high-end rug cleaners and manufacturers. While we recommend light and interim cleaning to maintain your rug's integrity throughout the year, external extraction is one of the best rug restoration options available. At Perth Rug Wash, we offer high-end rug cleaning services near Mosman Park, including external extraction.

External extraction - also known as “steam cleaning” - works by spraying a fine mist of water and detergent along the surface of the rug. This misting forces the dirt out of the threads and fibres of your carpet; that dirt is then sucked into a vacuum slot specifically designed to keep the integrity of your rug intact.

Professional rug cleaning is much better for your carpet than trying to do it yourself. Our rug cleaning services near Mosman Park are proof of that. Along with external extraction, we offer an array of rug wash services that utilise science, art and experience to achieve the safest and best cleaning for your rugs and tapestries. Some popular services also include rug dry cleaning, spot cleaning, urine decontamination and rug restoration and repair.

If you need rug cleaning services near Mosman Park, Perth Rug Wash is happy to help. We offer pick-up and drop-off services for those that do not want to risk harming their expensive rugs by travelling. To get a personalised quote for rug cleaning services near Mosman Park, call us on (08) 9244 8851 today.

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Ph: (08) 9244 8851
OPEN 9:00am - 5:00pm Mon - Fri
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Regular maintenance, including vacuuming, rotation, periodic washing and timely repair of wear and tear guarantees the beauty and longevity of your valuable rugs.


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