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Things to Consider in a Rug Wash near Floreat

At our rug wash near Floreat, experience has taught us that all rugs require a different set of vacuum features that are often overlooked by prospective buyers. For instance, Oriental rugs are low-maintenance and require a weekly or even biweekly cleaning. Such a cleaning is relatively hassle-free and can be done with your run-of-the-mill vacuum attachments.

However, most rug connoisseurs collect a variety of rugs. If you are such a person, you might find that having a variety of vacuum attachments, with various height adjustments, can help to fine tune the cleaning of your exceptional rugs. You will also notice that depending on the weave of the rug, whether it is silk or hand woven, hand knotted or handmade, your carpet will require slightly different suction settings for maximum efficiency.

Rug Cleaners near the Floreat Area

For most of us, the extent to which we clean our rugs is a simple run through with a vacuum or perhaps a bit of cleaning solution if a pet has an accident. What many may not know is that while these cleaning methods are great for removing surface level dirt and grime, they do not remove deeply entrenched stains that cause degradation and dulling of your carpet. This grit is compressed into the rug through years of foot traffic, where it causes fibres to fray. To handle these deeper stains, you should look for professional rug cleaners in Floreat.

Professional Rug Cleaning near Floreat

At Perth Rug Wash, we know rugs and how to take care of them, no matter what they're made of or how much they've been used. We provide fully guaranteed, IICRC certified rug washing, restoration and allied services. With IICRC certification, our technicians are held to an extremely high standard of work, ensuring that your rug is in the right hands. Each rug lends itself to precise methods of rug cleaning that aren't immediately apparent, but our technicians will relieve you of that mental burden.

We've been working with rugs since 2010, accumulating a wealth of experience that is rarely seen in the field. The result of our experience is an unmatched calibre of service for your rugs. If you're looking for rug cleaning near Floreat, we hope you'll consider Perth Rug Wash.

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Regular maintenance, including vacuuming, rotation, periodic washing and timely repair of wear and tear guarantees the beauty and longevity of your valuable rugs.


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